Canadian artist Jorge Molina installed 416 unique canvases throughout the many neighbourhoods of Toronto. Mounting each work on common wooden utility poles, this art installation made the entire city one large gallery. Each piece of art is a 6” x 6” canvas with an image of its surroundings. Installing the entire project took over 4 months throughout the spring of 2016. 

"I love to create art and I love sharing it even more. It's art in a space you wouldn't expect. I'm hoping to make people smile, invoke some sort of reaction or spark an idea and inspire others to create something because we all need art in our lives.
The images may seem of the mundane. They are of the objects, fixtures and surroundings that we see everyday. Blending into the visual noise. Becoming part of the extraneous. I want to capture the eye for a moment and show that there is beauty even in this urban utilitarian environment. See the colour. See the space. See what I see. Art is everywhere." - Jorge Molina


Easy. Just find one and AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS take it. No forms. No permission. You'll need a standard Robertson screwdriver (the square). Each piece is attached to its utility pole using one screw. AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS, simply remove the screw and take the canvas. That's it. Although, he would like the art installation to remain for as long as possible, once all 416 canvases are installed, YOU are invited to take ONE. If you do take one please let Jorge know either through InstagramTwitter or this contact form. That would complete the project.